Race Directors

TRITAT Advantages for Race Directors

The TRITATS system provides many advantages to Race Directors. We have a single focus; we live to serve the Race Director community. TRITATS is an official supplier of body marking numbers (decals) to USA Triathlon.

The TRITATS Race Number System is triathlon's first solution that incorporates all items necessary to manage participant race numbers and athlete ID. It allows race directors to be green and RD's no longer need to stuff envelopes or ask volunteers to create packets. This system has it all, even items that have never before been used in triathlon. We use a print process that customizes each sticker sheet (tat sheet) to a specific athlete; down to name, USAT race age, race bib number and category/group ID. This creates an environment where you can now offer the ultimate in sponsorship fulfillment; thereby increasing your own revenue.  We even allow you to customize what athletes wear what sponsor logos (all females might get the ROKA logo and all males might be assigned HUUB logos above the race number for example). 

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Pre-printed and in-stock Race Number Tattoo Sets for races under 500 participants: Bulk Race Number Tats – TRITATS

Custom Race Number Tattoo Sets for races over 500 participants: Custom Bulk Race Number Tats – TRITATS

OCR Forehead Race Number Tattoos:  Obstacle Course Race Forehead Number Tattoos – TRITATS

Images:  Bulk Race Number Block Sets in stacks of 1-99, 100-199, 200-299, 300-399 and 400-499.  Custom Race Number Sets with logo: