TriTat History

The actual practice of body marking a triathlete’s body began in the late 1970’s almost 200 years after Captain Cook brought the practice on board his ship.  The practice of getting ones TriTat is very new, non-painful, non-permanent and really only came into vogue in 2009 when several amateur triathletes were watching a pro race at the second annual Hy-Vee Triathlon in Des Moines, Iowa and asked “why can’t we get the real deal and get treated like a Pro”.  That set the stage and now TriTats is changing the face of triathlon across the globe.  While we do not condone permanent tattoos we certainly want to help each triathlete pro or not feel special.  Ask your race director to bring TriTats to your favorite event!  While we trace our roots to Captain Cook as he sailed near the big island, it is appropriate that we honor those roots associated with the navy and sailors in general as the incredible sport of triathlon always starts in the water!