TriTat Mission:

Supply an organized system that provides professional, secure and standardized body marking services to the sport of triathlon, worldwide.

TriTats Vision:

To simplify body marking for race directors and to put more smiles on more triathletes!

TriTats Values Statement:

 In business and in sport, there are various measures of success. At TriTats we measure success by our ability to go beyond what is expected by our clients, and by our commitment to integrity, product innovation and service. To help us reach these goals, we pledge the following:

  • Not to promise anything we cannot deliver and to deliver everything we promise.
  • To be the worldwide authority and trusted resource with respect to body marking and sponsorship.
  • To provide revenue enhancing sponsorship options to race directors.
  • To attract the best and brightest professionals to serve our clients.
  • To be guided by the values of honesty and integrity in all of our dealings.
  • To maintain the highest standard of ethical and moral conduct.

Bottom-line, at TriTats, we live to serve.  TriTats’ commitment to service excellence and the trust placed in us by our clients is the cornerstone to our growing significance in the sport of triathlon.

TriTats, Inc. …owned by triathletes for triathletes!