TriTatsTriTat Event Sponsor Advantages

By bringing the TriTats race numbering system to a local or national Triathlon, as a sponsors you will:

  • Amplify brand recognition – and get your logo out to a highly dedicated and influential audience of athletes and spectators.
  • Accelerate name recognition – every participant becomes a highly visible billboard viewed multiple times during competition.
  • Create long-term impressions – your logo lives on forever in participants race photos.
  • Unique connection is made - between your brand and the athlete as your logo is actually on the athlete's skin.
  • The athlete spends time focusing on your logo while applying it to his/her person.
  • Create interest in your products – participants are thankful to sponsors who provide TriTats at their races
  • Associate your business with quality – TriTats offers a quality product and outstanding service to organizers aiming for a sleek, professional looking event.
  • Invest in your local community – by sponsoring triathlon events you promote health and fitness.
  • Promote your business – to the affluent triathlon community.