runner-legTriTat Advantages for Triathletes

By using TriTat temporary triathlon tattoos, race participants will:
  • Enjoy the big day more looking PRO
  • Improve performance – TriTats are stress-free and look great.
  • Save time and hassle on race day morning – no more waiting in line at the 5:00 a.m. body-marking line.
  • One less thing to do race day morning!
  • Enhance safety – TriTats race numbers are easy to read and assist in medical identification.
  • Lower risk of illness – triathletes apply these at home.  No germs passed around by body-marking volunteers.
  • Better memories – Race day photos are better without the smudges created by sunscreen and markers.
  • Clothing is spared - That new $150 tri suit will not be smudged with TriTats numbers.
  • Far more appealing than smeared black body-marking scribbled on numbers.
  • Get all of your race photos – TriTats numbers are recognized by the race photographers software allowing more of your race images to be be sent to you.
  • Help friends and family find Triathletes in the crowd and cheer them on!

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