Race Number Tattoos

TriTats sells Pro Packs and Select Packs of our famous Race # Tattoos to individual athletes. We offer three varieties of packages of number tattoos to help you Make Your Mark: Pro Packs have Black Numbers with a nice white outline. Select Packs are recycled tattoos that were not used from past events. Both packs come with a supply of 200 race #s. 20 of each digit (0 to 9) are supplied making it easy for you to create your own race number. These will last anywhere from 4 to 7 triathlons depending on the race numbers you are assigned. The third package below are the Ironman Race # Tattoos, order these for events where you have been assigned your race # in advance.

ironman_numbers Iron-M Race Number Tattoos for Individual Race Participants


(Free Age ID Tattoo and IRONTATS logo Tattoo included)
Simply tell us your assigned race number and your age and Make Your Mark with these individual number tattoos for your next 140.6 or 70.3 race. Once you know your race number, order it right here. IRONTATS are Race Number Tattoos that mark one triathlete with his/her specific RACE NUMBER for one event. Each # digit is made with black ink and has a white outline and is two inches tall to help you look PRO and helps you find yourself in race-day photos. Will not smudge race clothing like sharpie markers or ink stamps.

Simply tell us your number and your USAT age (your age as of December 31st).

Includes three of your race number for three body marking locations: both biceps and outside of the left leg. Place the age ID tattoos on the back of your left calf.

The IRONTATS packet of race #s costs $14.90 and includes standard 7 DAY SHIPPING. We have built in three shipping options for you; just select the shipping timescale you need in the drop down menu if you need it there sooner. Be sure to give us the correct ship to address or hotel address and we will get it there! We are here to serve you, but we cannot be responsible for items lost behind the hotel desk... thank you in advance for understanding.

IRONMAN and M-DOT are registered trademarks of World Triathlon Corporation.

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Pro Pack Product: $35.00

Pro Pack

Make your mark with these PRO Race Numbers... like the ones we supply to USAT and to ITU. These are in an enhanced font and look very PRO with the white outline around the black numbers. The 2 inch size also makes race photo recognition easier. Contains 200 PRO Race #s (20 of each # 0 to 9).

Zipper Pouch by TriTats $2.50

Keep your investment safe. This quality carryall zipper-pouch will keep your TriTats race number tattoos safe from water, sweat and helps keep them organized. Order two! the second one is handy for rubber-bands, safety pins, gel packs, tape, band aids, extra contact lenses... and all those little things we triathletes need to keep handy and organized.

Age Group Identifier product: $5.00

Age group? (example: 30-34)

Just tell us your age group (20-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74 or 75-79 for example), and we will include a supply of the proper age group identifier TriTats for you to apply to your left calf.

Custom 7.5" x 5.75" Tyvek Bib Numbers $0.20-$0.30

TriTats offers very competitive pricing on custom bib #s. Perfect for 5Ks, 10Ks, Half-Marathons and just about any event that needs a pin-on bib. Just send us your art or your logos and let us do the work. Size: 7.5" x 5.75". TriTats Tyvek Bib Numbers can also have maps or other printing on the back-side. Order everything from TriTats and keep your life easy.
Quantity Needed (Price is per each bib)
Race Name & Date Sequence ex: 1-200 & 301-500

TriTats does Charity

These "in Honor of" and "in Memory of" tattoos make it fun to walk, run, bike or tri in honor of your favorite survivor. $6.00 for 10.
TriTat Wording Options:

TRITATS Trucker Hat or Visor $19.95 to $24.95


Boxers or Briefs – Hats or Visors… they all work! Now you can block the sun, absorb sweat and look as cool as our TRITATS ambassadors! One size fits all. We want you to have one, and you know you want one, so order the coolest thing for your head now!

One Size Fits All

Letter ID Tattoos (A= Athena, P=Pro...) $3.00

Tell us the letter needed for "Letter Identification" (A= Athena, C=Clydesdale, E=Elite, P=Pro, M=Military Division, R=Relay) and we will send a supply of 7 Letter Identifier TriTats for you to apply above your age on your left calf.
Letter: A, C, E, M, P, R

Race Director Emergency Kit - Number Tattoos for Race-Day Errors $67.50

This kit includes 400 large TriTats Race # Tattoos in our PRO Blue Ink. These Race Number Tattoos are 2 inches tall and includes 40 of each number (40 - 0s, 40 - 1s, 40 - 2s... etc. all the way to 40 - 8s and 40 - 9s). Yes, that is 400 tattoos and is enough to last through a number of races taking care of sleepy triathletes who put their TriTats on upside-down or make some error in their race #s. Comes in a nice zipper pouch to keep the tattoos safe and to make it easy to share the various #s with well meaning triathletes.

Bout Tats - Flat Track Roller Derby Bout #
Tattoos for Teams/Individuals $60.00/$15.00

  • Team bout number tattoos: perfect for your entire Flat Track Roller Derby Team. The set includes 400 Bout Tats in dark blue/black ink. These are 2 inches tall to meet WFTDA Standards. The set includes 40 of each number (40 - 0s, 40 - 1s, 40 - 2s... etc. all the way to 40 - 8s and 40 - 9s). Yes, that is 400 tattoos and is enough to last your entire Roller Derby team for 3-4 bouts. A nice zipper pouch is also supplied to keep the tattoos safe and to make it easy to share the various #s with your team.
  • Individual bout number tattoos: Make Your Mark! These are perfect to mark yourself with your number for your next Flat Track Roller Derby Bout. The set includes 100 Bout Tats that are 2 inches tall to comply with WFTDA Standards. The set includes 10 of each number (10 - 0s, 10 - 1s, 10 - 2s, 10 - 3s... etc. all the way to 10 - 8s and 10 - 9s). That gives you 100 tattoos and is enough to last for 3-5 bouts.
Bout Tats - Team / Individual

Custom Logo Tattoos - 2"x2" team logos or sponsor logos

These logo tattoos are fun and stay on in all conditions... chlorinated pools, salt water, wind, rain, family picnics, 5k fun runs, charity events and even during high contact Roller Derby. These are 2" x 2" Square Tattoos- Card size is 2" x 2", actual image size 1.75" x 1.75". Send us the logo and receive the tattoos in about two weeks.
Logo Description


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